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George Washington is the winner after counting 17035 ballots using Instant Runoff Voting. George Washington had 56% of the votes in the final round.

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Detailed Results

Counting ballots using Instant Runoff Voting. There are 5 candidates competing for 1 seat. The number of ballots is 17035 and there were 17033 valid ballots and 2 empty ballots.

Method Options:

  • Candidate Elimination -- Zero
  • Weak Tie Breaking -- Backward

The bar charts below show the vote counts for each candidate in each round. Place the mouse over a bar to see the number of votes.

  • Yellow — Votes carried over from the previous round.
  • Green — Votes received in this round.
  • Red — Votes transferred away in this round.

A candidate's votes in a round is the sum of the yellow and green bars. Since the green and red bars represent votes being transferred, the sum of the green and red bars is the same.

The exhausted bar represents votes where the voter did not indicate a next preference and thus there were no candidates to transfer the vote to.

Round 1


Count of first choices.

Round 2


Count after eliminating James Madison and transferring votes.

Round 3


Count after eliminating James Monroe and transferring votes.

Round 4


Count after eliminating Thomas Jefferson and transferring votes. Candidate George Washington is elected.


Winner is George Washington.

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