Online Voting for Non-Profit Organization Elections

OpaVote is used by many non-profit organizations to run elections online to elect their leaders and board members. Types of non-profit organizations that use OpaVote include:

  • Sports clubs (e.g., running clubs and little league)
  • Religious organizations and churches
  • Professional organizations (e.g., bar associations and police orders)
  • Academic organizations
  • Auto clubs
  • Hackspaces
  • Unions
  • Co-ops

OpaVote has high security for online elections at an affordable price.

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Save Money

OpaVote is much less expensive than other election providers. See our pricing page to see how much you can save as compared with other election providers. Use your limited funds to support your mission!

Easy Setup and Managament

OpaVote's user interface makes it easy to set up election and also for voters to vote. Try our demonstration election to see for yourself.