OpaVote Support

Our goal at OpaVote is to provide you with the highest quality election services at affordable prices. Many elections are free or only $10! To achieve our goals, OpaVote is completely self-service. Just about everything you need to know to run an election is available in our online documentation or can be determined by running a free election. Most of our customers run elections without ever contacting us.

If you do need assistance, we have limited free support as described below. If you need assistance that goes beyond free support, we have a paid support offering, as well as custom support plans.

Free Support

To obtain free support, we ask that you do the following:

What is covered with free support:

Paid Support

For issues not covered by free support, paid support is available for $50 for up to 30 minutes of assistance. With paid support, we can help you with issues like:

Send an email to team@opavote.com to request paid support or ask us about custom plans.

Voter Questions

If you are a voter and have a question about an election, please contact the manager of the election. Their contact information is included in the voting email that you received from OpaVote.