Online Voting for K-12 and High School Elections

High schools use OpaVote to run online elections, such as student government elections, yearbook elections, and prom king and queen elections. High schools that use OpaVote running elections online include the Chinese American International School, National Cathedral School, Roland Park Country School, St. Albans School, St. Micheals University School, SAR High School, and Seneca Valley High School.

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Student Government Elections

For electing class officers, such as class president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer, we recommend using ranked-choice voting (RCV). With RCV, you can ensure that the winner of each office receives the support of a majority of the students.

Yearbook or Superlative Elections

High schools also use OpaVote to vote for best dressed, most musical, best smile, most athletic, class clowns, or most likely to succeed. Ranked-choice voting is also a good choice for these elections.

Prom King and Queen Elections

Last but not least, highschools also run elections to coronate the king and queen of the prom! Ranked-choice voting is again a good choice for these elections.